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Pereira 3D Clarinet Services


Pereira 3D     |   Philadelphia, PA


Artisan Repairs, 3D Products, Hand-Selected Buffet Crampon Instruments

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My company offers comprehensive services for the clarinet, which include professional repair, restoration, and overhaul services. I was fortunate to have studied repair for years with a top tech in Boston and am thrilled to offer a variety of services to improve the clarinet's sound, feel, and playability. This can range from a simple tune-up to a full overhaul. Some of my services include:


  • Cleaning, Polishing, Oiling

  • Bumper Replacements

  • Cork Replacements

  • Spring Adjustments/Replacement

  • Key Height Adjustments

  • Key-Fitting

  • Noise Reduction

  • Repadding - Cork, Valentino, Skin, or Leather Pads

  • Tone Hole Resurfacing

  • Cork Pad Beveling

  • Barrel/Bell Matching

  • Wood Cleaning/Repair

  • Crack Repair

Student Instrument Overhauls


Many student instruments have pads with a very short useful life. Playing an instrument that leaks and feels terrible is no way for a student to develop. We offer a full Valentino re-pad as well as a full overhaul service to give students options. In addition, if a student has a budget, we can work out a repair package to get a clarinet back into shape while not breaking the budget. 


Student Instrument Re-Pad - $175 (add $30 for cork pads on the upper joint)

Student Instrument Full Overhaul - $350


Professional (Wood) Instrument Overhauls

Professional Overhauls are designed to get an instrument to play at its very best - period. This is why I offer one overhaul option at a reasonable price point rather than various subcategories of overhauls. This service includes a full cleaning/polishing, oiling of the wood and mechanism, bumper and cork replacement, full key fitting, tone hole refinishing, full re-pad, beveling of certain cork pads, and a final play-testing. You may request a certain pad selection or use our recommendation. We can also match a barrel and/or bell to your instrument to allow it to reach a new level of playability and find a new palette of tone color. If you are on a budget, a repair package can be worked out to get your clarinet into fantastic playing condition while staying within your budget.


Professional Instrument Re-pad - $250

Professional Instrument Full Overhaul - $650 (+$200 for bass clarinets)

Hourly Shop rate - $90/hr

Shop Location

6139 Germantown Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19144

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